Cardinal and Straw Invitation Quote Form

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Design and Color Choices

Optional Inner Envelopes are traditionally used to hold the invitation suite and identify specifically who is invited to the wedding.
Solid and patterned envelope liners can be purchased for your inner or outer envelopes. Liners can be purchsed already assmbled by us or you can DIY.
Would you like us to insert and glue your envelope liners into your envelopes. This service adds 2-3 days to your production time.
Our Invitation Suites, unless otherwise specified, are sold as a single layer 5"x7" invitation with a 3.5"x4.75" respond card. Please indicate any additional elements that you would like quoted - such as pocket folders, mutliple layers, ribbon, etc... If you have additional elements you would like priced we will contact you for more details.

Respond Cards and Additional Enclosure Cards


If you select this service we will digitally print your guest addresses in the same font as your invitation to tie your suite together. Guest addressing is typically printed in black ink but is also offered in color. Please note that depending upon the printing method you chose for your invitation suite, color addressing may not be an exact match to your ink choices. Additionally, metallic inks (such as gold and silver) can not be printed on our digital addressers.